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Disability Income Insurance
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Disability Income Insurance
When a wage earner is too sick or hurt ot earn an income, the impact can be life changing.  How would you  pay your bills if you couldn't work due to a debilitating illness or accident?  How long could you pay your bills if your paycheck suddenly stopped coming in?

Do you know what YOUR chances of being too sick or hurt to earn an income are?

It's called your Personal Disability Quotient. It calculates your odds that an injury or illness could force you to miss work for weeks, months, or even years.

Why is your PDQ so important? Because your income is important! How else will you afford all the things that are important to you – your home, your family's lifestyle, your children's education, your own retirement?

The likelihood of you becoming sick or injured and unable to work is probably higher than you imagine. PDQ is an easy way to calculate your own personal odds to discover what's really at stake. We'll even give you some tips on how you can prevent disability from downgrading your lifestyle and devastating your savings.  Click on the following link to take the 2-minute questionnaire to learn your PDQ:

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