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A mortgage allows us to purchase and own a primary residence, vacation home or rental property without having to pay the full purchase price with cash.  A lower interest rate will usually translate into several thousands of dollars less in interest costs over the years.

Usually, you may wish to consider a refinance when you can obtain a fixed rate of at least 0.50% lower than your current rate, and you plan to keep the property for at least three more years.  Be sure to carefully review all the costs associated with a refinance before you decide to proceed with it.

Sometimes you may wish to pull some of the equity built up in your home for other purposes, such as finishing the basement, updating a kitchen or bathroom, debt consolidation, etc.

An alternative to refinancing is to add a second mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).  We can offer HELOCs to our clients with little or no closing costs!

We can explore your options at no charge to see whether a refinance makes sense for you and your situation.  Residential mortgages are brokered through Altius Mortgage Group, an equal housing lender.


Mortgage Calculator
Use this calculator to see how your monthly payment would change when different aspects of your loan change such as loan amount, interest rate and amortization period.
Amount borrowed:
Interest rate:
Term of loan:
Estimated monthly payment:

Other real estate loans, such as lot loans, commercial loans, Reverse Mortgages (no payments for life!), etc.

Are you looking to purchase a lot and then build a home or building on it?  We can help!  Do you have a commercial property you would like to purchase or refinance?  Give us a chance to shop your loan to find the best match between borrowers and available loan programs.  Fill out the questionnaire below and email it to us so we can get started.

Please fill out the questionnaire below to receive a tentative quote for a mortgage, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), or other loan:

For a mortgage or HELOC quote, please click on the email link below and enter the following information.  You can copy this block of questions and then paste it into the email you will be sending to us.  Be sure to fill in the requested information.  Please note that we will NOT pull a credit report at this time.  Once we determine how we can help you, we will contact you to discuss your options so you can determine what works best for you.
What is your purpose for this mortgage (i.e. purchase a home, purchase an investment property, refinance to lower your rate and interest costs, remodel, consolidate debt, get cash out, etc.)?

To request a mortgage quote:
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