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Health Insurance
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Health Insurance
Health insurance is designed to help provide the money needed to pay for medical expenses.  Premiums are based on the degree of risk to the insurer.  For example, a low deductible plan would have a higher monthly premium than a similar plan with a higher deductible.
You have two main types of coverage:
[1] The "traditional" type of health insurance, typically with a network of medical care providers to access (aka HMO or PPO), a deductible, and then coinsurance of 80/20 or 70/30, or
[2] The "Qualified High Deductible Health Plan (QHDHP)" type of health insurance, similar to the "traditional" plan, but with a high deductible and a can be paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA) as a tax-free savings vehicle to fund quailfied medical expenses.
*For more information about HSA qualified medical expenses, click here:

For a personalized health insurance quote and/or application for an individual, couple or family, click on one of the following links to take you to the health insurance company's website.  Enter your Zip Code, click "Get Quotes" and then fill out your gender(s) and birth date(s).  If you find the plan that fits, you can proceed to apply for the coverage online.  Of course, applications are subject to underwriting, so until you have been approved, you do not have any coverage.  Where the application asks if you have an agent, be sure to enter my NPN: 2883555.  This way I can assist you in making changes, answering questions, and helping you successfully enroll for coverage.

Click to get a Quote or Apply: Altius Health Plans

Click to get a Quote or Apply: Humana Health Plans

Click to get a Quote or Apply: Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Plans

Click to get a Quote or Apply: SelectHealth Plans [WITH possible subsidy]

NOTE: In 2016, if you are SINGLE and your annual income is between $11,770 and $47,080, you might qualify for a subsidy.

If you are a FAMILY of four and your annual income is between $24,250 and $97,000, you might also qualify for a subsidy.

Using these ranges as guides, click the link WITH the subsidy (above) if you believe you might qualify for a subsidy.  Then, once you confirm that you DO have a subsidy (or even if you find that you don't), you can click on the "return to vendor" link to take your subsidy (if you qualify for one) back to SelectHealth where it will be calculated into your plan premiums.  Nice, right?  If you don't think you'll qualify for the subsidy, click on the link below for a look at SelectHealth plans for you. 

Click to get a Quote or Apply: UnitedHealthCare Plans

Or, please fill out the questionnaire below to receive a quote for health insurance from more than one carrier (i.e. SelectHealth, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.):

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